Moving Mountains, we are 2060.

Why thinking long term matters and why short term is a losing game

Most of the big tech companies we know right now are more than 20 years old. We tend to overestimate what we can do in 1 year, but underestimate what step by step over a decade could do. Let’s just accept that you are winning this time. So you can win again the other time. Then eventually you end up winning big in the long run.

Thinking short term and maximizing your gain without a long term view will not guarantee you any global success in life. Sometimes, you must move on the short term, or the local opportunity that seems big in the moment will make you lose the real opportunity you should have focused on. Life is about energy, we all have a limited resource of time and energy. Focusing on what really matters, saying no now to say yes for a better tomorrow is crucial. Life is also emotional, we want to win now, we want to feel a return of investment in the short term simply because we can feel it, it is within reach.

Why should we really focus on that goal that seems out of reach? Should we really invest any time, energy or money? Well, life is long, winning for 6 months or even 6 years can be great. What about starting slow to achieve key milestones after maybe 3 to 5 years, which is a better indicator of growth and progress. Most people do not think this way, hence one reason why few really succeed in life.

This is our mantra, giving ourselves our entire lifespan remaining to solve one the biggest of our life: Longevity; together as a team we can move mountains by winning again and again as much as possible over the next 40 years. We are building longevity hubs around the world, beacons of hope where entrepreneurs, researchers, investors and enthusiasts will gather, work, and live. We will change laws to promote longevity at government scale.

We will have a running startup studio for healthspan startups as the core engine of our strategy, enabling us to fund deep tech research at the foundation level. This will require patience and hard work. Consistent focus on the big picture. We are not the only ones working this way, following the footsteps of our giants Elon Musk or Nvidia CEO. But we will make sure to keep our balance, to stay present for our family and friends, to keep ourselves healthy and happy because there is no life without Love.

Moving Mountains by Max Kamrani, a Love Life + Robot Enthusiast


  1. gabriel.cian

    I love the audacity of your mindset, it resonates very strongly with me. Happy to be partners in this project!

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