We’re a small yet vibrant community of people whose purpose is to help Humanity live longer and healthier. Our action plan has 3 main components.

Fundamental R&D in Longevity

R&D in Longevity is poorly financed, both by the public and private sector. We need to get over these obstacles to allow Science to move forward. We’re helping our researchers devote themselves to more risky and long-term research projects (so called “moonshots”).

Advocacy and Public Awareness

The world is stuck in the old mindset that disease and death are inevitable and there’s nothing to do about it. This is no longer true. We need to help our political decision makers as well as the public opinion that the paradigm has changed, and living longer and healthier is within our control.

Federating the Longevity Ecosystem

Every major breakthrough or revolution in the History of Humanity has been carried through by a small team of audacious, persistent and most importantly well organised people. In order to be efficient we need to coordinate as a team, everyone pulling in the same direction.

Worldwide Network of Longevity Hubs

Online presence is great, but physical presence is even greater. Longevity enthusiasts need places to meet and exchange ideas. This is why one of our purposes is to create a Worldwide Network of Physical Longevity Centers, to meet, brainstorm, and coordinate.

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Audacious Long Term Vision instead of short term projects